Published on January 18, 2022, Updated on January 18, 2022

You must be concerned about that old piece of computer equipment laying around your house, such as where to dispose of it or what to do with it. You don’t have to think too hard about it. You may give your old computer equipment to 1 Green Planet, an e trash management organization. 1 Green Planet provides numerous e trash management initiatives via which computer equipment is processed and repurposed. Recycling old computer equipment has been shown to extend the life of electronic items. The environment is also preserved since dangerous compounds are not discharged into the atmosphere in this manner.

Donating your used computer equipment to Simple e-Waste is a fantastic idea. They demolish the items, and the materials created by the equipment’s breakdown are recycled and utilized to make other products. Recycling is an efficient method of making things valuable to others. Recycling really consists of two phases. The first step is to identify a second application for the materials recovered from the demolition of computer equipment and incorporate them into other production processes. The second step is to properly disassemble the gadgets so that extraction may be done securely. It is also critical to find another purpose for these broken-down components; otherwise, they will be thrown away.

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Donating used computer equipment is unquestionably preferable to disposing of it in a landfill. Cadmium, mercury, and lead are released into the atmosphere, groundwater, and soil when used equipment is dumped. The environment suffers as a result of this. When you donate computer equipment to 1 Green Planet, you can be confident that the resources used to make the equipment will be recovered following disposal. The utilization of recycled resources in the manufacturing of other products also helps to reduce production costs.

About Electronic devices and Secure Data Destruction

At 1 Green Planet, obsolete computers are discarded correctly and data is safely deleted. Simple e-Waste assists with manufacturing processes at a variety of enterprises. We deliver secondary raw materials to a variety of major and small-scale enterprises for manufacture. We have set up a pick-up service for our clients who want to donate computer equipment. We provide this service based on location, item quality, and kind of gadgets. As a result, you can be confident that the computer equipment you send will reach us. More about us.

We erase data from hard drives per DOD guidelines. Data that must be destroyed is transported to a clean room for shredding. You will also be given a certificate after the data has been effectively destroyed. This helps to safeguard clients against identity theft. The gadgets brought to 1 Green Planet are broken down, dismantled, and re-manufactured. Some materials are shredded and destroyed, while others are immediately broken down into their constituents. Customers can also see the procedure if they desire. The entire procedure is carried out per Department of Defense standards. The objects are deconstructed and then totally separated from one another using a highly effective automated procedure. Some of the extracted components are utilized to make items that are later sold.

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