Published on June 19, 2023, Updated on June 20, 2023

In the past two centuries, the globe has experienced dramatic industrialization and change. New instruments and technologies are developed, replaced by their improved counterparts, and eventually, end up in landfills. This irresponsible environmental degradation is endangering a substantial portion of the world. In the past few decades, few steps for saving our planet have emerged – a feeble but necessary reform of our ways.

What Is the Mobile Age?

The term “mobile era” is one of the names for the current technological epoch. This term was used due to the massive surge of computers, cell phones, tablets, and other similar devices.

The world is now awash in electronic refuse as a result of new businesses entering the market and competing for superior products.

What Endangers Us?

There are companies that combat crimes against nature and strive to protect ecosystems and animals on the brink of extinction. However, we are equally threatened as other species. We are endangered by diseases, contaminated food, contaminated water, polluted air, and countless other problems that are slowly eroding our health and weakening us, so it may be difficult to say that we are on the verge of extinction. However, we are not in danger because of the ever-increasing global population.

What Should We Do?

In addition to perilous materials, electronic waste includes valuable resources such as gold, silver, steel, iron, aluminum, palladium, copper, and plastics.

The extraction of these resources is possible through recycling. Refurbishing and reusing old devices, and passing them on to those who cannot purchase modern upgrades or any version, is another approach to the problem.

What Are Our Gains?

Recycling or reusing old devices and electronics will reduce the leaching of hazardous materials into soil and water, as well as the associated health risks. The mining of rare elements and plastics can produce nearly 48 billion euros, which is sufficient to address several of the world’s most pressing issues, such as starvation, lack of potable water, disease, and illiteracy.

This will take time, however. A few more decades will pass before we are able to solve our global problems. On a smaller scale, we can accomplish the following:

  • Management of the toxic substances that contaminate our environment
  • Determent of the destruction of the earth and the transformation of massive areas into wastelands
  • Conservation of natural resources that are short in supply. Recycled materials can be used to manufacture new products, thereby conserving energy, minimizing pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Creation of more job opportunities due to the increase in the recycling and refurbishment industries

Recycle Electronic Waste

The growing proportion of electronic waste around the globe will lead to problems that will be out of our control one day. It is imperative that corporations fulfill their social responsibility and that individuals take action to defend the environment.

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