Published on September 20, 2021, Updated on February 2, 2022

List of Industries Served

Certified eWaste Recycling and Disposal for Businesses, Organizations and Institutions.

1 Green Planet strives to protect the environment and your data as we provide electronic recycling, data destruction, and IT asset services for every type of business or industry across the U.S. Public and private agencies count on 1 Green Planet to manage their recycling and ewaste requirements in a safe and secure manner. Here are some of the industries we serve:

Real Estate & Property Managers

We provide effective electronic recycling solutions that meet strict industry standards for protecting customer and company data for landlords and property managers, while keeping electronics and hazardous waste from landfills. We can also help secure proceeds from an equipment upgrade to allow reinvestment into new equipment to meet an ever-changing industry.

Information Technology

We can help you structure an effective recycling solution that protects your assets and data, adheres to corporate policy and industry standards, and keeps equipment which can be reused out of the landfill.  Reinvestment into new IT projects from the proceeds from an equipment refresh or upgrade makes sense and we are here to help.


We are the experts at protecting secure banking industry related e-waste and electronics recycling and disposal. We offer are responsible recycling, including ATM disposal.


Our expertise in secure data destruction and IT asset disposition makes us a strong partner for insurance industry companies. We can help you securely and ethically dispose of customer data and ewaste, in an industry-compliant manner.


Legal firms often find themselves with a stockpile of aged, end-of-life computer equipment that they’re not sure how to securely dispose of. We can save you the hassle of disposing of your obsolete equipment and help you structure an effective recycling solution that protects your assets and data, and frees up your time for legal work.  We maintain a secure chain of custody every step of the way.

Life Sciences

1 Green Planet helps innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies and the life science industry with safe and compliant onsite waste management and disposal.  We provide environmentally sound E-waste and Biotechnological handling so companies can focus on research and development.

Educational Services and Schools

We provide secure and certified data destruction and are a trusted partner to keep students’ records and school equipment safe and secure. Universities, colleges, high schools, and other private schools turn to 1 Green Planet for end of life asset disposal.


We offer construction waste management that involves the separation and salvaging of recoverable waste materials for recycling and reuse. We offer asset disposition services as well as proper handling and disposal of items that should never end up in the landfill, such as fluorescent bulbs.


We provide integrated IT Asset Disposition services to the manufacturing industry, which includes secure data destruction, responsible recycling, and serialized destruction of assets for corporate computer refresh projects and mobile computing upgrades.


Local government bodies, including city, municipalities, and counties, count on us for community based electronics recycling events, as well as their own internal equipment refresh and recycling needs. We specialize in safe and environmentally responsible collection and handling of equipment and ewaste for this need.


We provide the highest standard of data destruction and asset disposition services to many major resorts, airlines, restaurants and hotels, and assist them with meeting their sustainability initiatives.


We provide secure and certified data destruction and parts decommissioning for the sensitive materials used by aircraft manufacturers, air traffic control, airports, TSA, NASA contractors and military contractors, using the highest level of data destruction.

Health Care

The technology hospitals and healthcare facilities use are constantly at a rapid pace, requiring new equipment and computers, and the proper disposal of the old tech. Additionally, they require HIPAA-compliant data destruction and certified IT asset disposition. We provide safe, secure and industry-compliant recycling and asset liquidation. Our services include:


We provide secure and certified data destruction and parts decommissioning for Microphones, Stereos, Sound and video recorders, VCRs/DVD players, Film stock (used or unused), Sound boards, Karaoke machines, Television , sets (cathode-ray, LCD, etc.), Cables, Video game consoles, Amplifiers, Vinyl discs, cassettes, CDs, Turntables, Cameras, Lasers, Computer hardware, Stage lights, Video and audio monitors.


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