Published on September 20, 2021, Updated on December 22, 2021

Certified & Secure Product Destruction

From time-to-time businesses must dispose of products that are faulty, counterfeit, expired, recalled, below standards, or otherwise unusable. Product destruction ensures that these items will never be seen in the marketplace, where they could potentially harm consumers or tarnish the company name. 

We take product destruction very seriously and take every step to ensure that your brand and business name are protected while keeping items out of the landfill as long as possible. Depending on your requirements, we can use a variety of destruction methods, including crushing, shredding, and manual destruction. We provide a certificate of destruction at the end, so you can rest assured that shoddy or dangerous products are destroyed. 

Secure and Safe Destruction

Your products and reputation are secure when you use us to handle the safe and complete destruction of your products or equipment. We will ensure that faulty, substandard, excessive stock will not enter the market and provide the COD (Certification of Destruction) that you may need for a release of liability.

Product Destruction Methods

We will tailor our methods to meet your individual needs, whether it is to destroy overstock or defective or returned items and keep them off the market. Our product destruction methods enable us to demanufacture projects, small and large. Here are some examples: 

  • Product Recalls

Recalled products require specific actions to show compliance with a recall, as well as the need to be destroyed in a manner that does not harm the environment. We provide a Certificate of Destruction certifying that items have been adequately destroyed. 

  • Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products pose serious safety issues as they are often made from inferior materials or are below safety standards. Sometimes they are seized by authorities or are brought to public attention because of problems. They also infringe on copyright and brand integrity. Our methods ensure complete destruction that will completely mitigate the possibility of further damage. 

  • Defective Products

Defective product destruction keeps faulty products out of the resale market and from competing against your own brand or posing hazards to the public. It also helps to avoid litigation as a result of unsound items. We can completely destroy them while fully complying with government and environmental regulations. 

  • Distribution Center Overstock

Excess inventory can become a disastrous financial burden for businesses, as it represents a financial loss and wasted resources. It does not make sense to store or pay for its upkeep, so companies try to mitigate additional loss by selling the B-stock at heavy discounts, which can cheapen the brand in the public eye. 1 Green Planet will destroy overstock in a manner that is safe for the environment, and safer for your brand and business. 

Product Destruction Service For Every Need

1 Green Planet provides product and equipment destruction for all businesses and industries. It is important to make sure products are destroyed at all levels in every device. Some of these types of product destruction needs include:

  • Electronics, hard drives, memory sticks, IT assets
  • T-Shirts, Plaques, Trophies
  • Laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, tablets
  • Distribution center overstock items
  • Merchandising products
  • Consumer goods and electronics, TVs, radios
  • Power supplies, batteries, scanners
  • Films, microfilms, or tape reels
  • Toys, tools, and sporting goods
  • Medical devices, laboratory machinery
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