Published on November 1, 2021, Updated on December 15, 2022

Clyde Hill ewaste

1 Green Planet Electronics Recycling for the Clyde Hill, WA community

1 Green Planet offers a full range of Electronic recycling, data security, ewaste recycling Clyde Hill, WA, equipment and Enterprise IT Asset Disposition solutions for electronic waste recycling that are secure, sustainable, and responsible near Clyde Hill, WA.

Electronic waste Clyde Hill: Disposal, Pickup, Free, Recycle

Are you looking for where to recycle electronics? 1 Green Planet offers free e-waste electronic recycling pick up for companies and firms for Electronics Recycle Clyde Hill, WA for IT assets that have reached its end-of-life with a minimum of 500 lbs of IT assets from our qualified items list. Our easy scheduling, secure handling, transporting and responsible electronics recycling Clyde Hill, WA and ewaste disposal methods have helped many businesses and companies meet their electronics recycling goals. We have strict safety and security standards and certifications and licenses to make sure our e waste Clyde Hill, WA practices meet the needs of our customers. As a local business, we make sure to pay attention to the needs of our customers by fostering improved sustainability practices. Have at least 500 lbs of e waste items to electronic recycle near Clyde Hill, WA? Contact us for e waste pickup Clyde Hill, WA.

Electronics recycling for Clyde Hill, WA community –  Liquidation

Companies, businesses and organizations utilizes 1 Green Planet’s IT Asset Disposition and Electronic waste liquidation services to boost their ROI, particularly when undergoing IT asset upgrades, decommissioning and in some instances where quick capital is required. With a large volume of servers, computers, laptops, monitors and other electronic assets, companies are able to recover valuable revenue from electronic recycling efforts. If you are a company located in or nearby Clyde Hill, WA with a large amount of IT equipment that has reached its end-of-life, contact 1 Green Planet today to be your ewaste recycling partner. Rest assured, your IT assets are handled, processed, and appropriately recycled while you realized an impactful ROI to your business. We provide free equipment evaluation, quotes, and equipment pickup at no charge with quick payment dispersal.

What happens if e-waste is not disposed of properly in Clyde Hill, WA?

It is illegal to throw out or dump electronic items in the trash in Clyde Hill, WA. If your electronic products are improperly disposed, they lead to the possibility of damaging your local environment. As more electronic waste is placed in landfills near Clyde Hill, exposure to environmental toxins is likely to increase, resulting in elevated risks of cancer, developmental and neurological disorders close to Clyde Hill, Washington. When a ewaste collecting service or specialist waste disposal company like 1 Green Planet is used, they remove all the hazardous materials and responsibly dispose, reuse or refurbish electronics. You may also choose to donate working electronics to a nearby Goodwill store. Some Goodwill Charity stores may not accept electronics, so please check before visiting a drop off location.

How is E-Waste recycled by 1 Green Planet for Clyde Hill, WA?

1 Green Planet picks up Electronic waste materials from Clyde Hill that are considered hazardous waste in landfills. Once waste materials are collected from Clyde Hill, and securely transported to the 1 Green Planet recycling facility, the items are ready for processing. E-waste items from Clyde Hill are then sorted into one of the following three groups.

1. E-waste Items to be Refurbished.

  • they are remarketed for reuse.

2. E-waste Items that are data bearing devices

  • Data is securely destroyed.

3. E-waste Items that are ready to dismantle and process

Once above steps are taken for ewaste items from Clyde Hill, they are recycled through processing plants where they are shredded into small pieces. Different material types are collected with use of strong magnets and electronic currents. Other pre-established recycling streams are used for some material like plastics and steel.

How can I do Computer Recycling Near Me in Clyde Hill, WA?

Looking for Computer Recycling Near Me? 1 Green Planet does computer recycling pickup and does liquidation that can be HIPAA Compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Call us to pickup to recycle computers and other ewaste for businesses. We are an Electronics recycler, PC and Computer disposal company near Clyde Hill, WA.

How do I do Hard Drive Recycling in Clyde Hill?

1 Green Planet does hard drive recycling securely. Our Certified Hard drive degaussing service assures that all hard drive data is destroyed. 1 Green Planet will pickup your e waste hard drive recycle and secure destruction of hard disk near Clyde Hill.

E waste Disposal Clyde Hill FAQ

Where can I recycle electronics - Clyde Hill?

There’s no need to leave your office to electronic recycling Clyde Hill WA. You can simply Schedule a Pickup online for electronic disposal and we will come out to you.

What e waste items qualify for pickup from Clyde Hill?

We accept all electronic assets for recycling from Businesses in Clyde Hill. See our list of eWaste items we recycle. With 500 lbs of qualifying items your pickup is free. Let us help you with your electronic waste disposal.

Is your electronic recycling company ewaste certified for pickup from Clyde Hill?

Yes, we are r2 recycling companies Clyde Hill, WA for e waste pickup and recycling. We comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements to provide responsible electronics recycling and IT asset disposition. We are certified with R2:2013 (RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING©), ISO 14001:2015 (ENIRONMNETAL HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT), ISO 45001:2018 (OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT). we are a certified r2 escrap recycler Clyde Hill, WA. Let us take care of your next hassle-free e-waste recycling and electronics disposal.

Can I get paid for Computer recycling in Clyde Hill?

No, We do not pay out for used computer hardware and IT equipment from Businesses and companies/organizations for e recycling.

Electronic recycling center Near Clyde Hill, WA

1 Green Planet provides e waste recycling nearby.

Other Resources:

Clyde Hill Chamber of Commerce

About Clyde Hill, WA

Clyde Hill is a city in King County, Washington, United States. It is situated east of Seattle in the Eastside area, which is bounded by the city and towns of Bellevue, Kirkland, Yarrow Point, Medina, and Hunts Point. At the 2010 census, the population was 2,984.

Clyde Hill is ranked fourth in the state of Washington based on per capita income, out of 522 communities. Slate named it the wealthiest community in Washington State in 2014.

Additionally, Clyde Hill has placed tenth in the US for the most landscapers hired per square mile, with approximately 1,000 houses per mile.

Except for 2 commercially zoned regions: a gas station and a coffee shop, the bulk of Clyde Hill are classified for single-family use. Along with a small administrative zone, Clyde Hill houses 4 schools: 2 public ones, Clyde Hill Elementary and Chinook Middle School, and two private ones, Bellevue Christian School and Sacred Heart School. The minimum lot size in the City is 20,000 square feet, however, many lesser lots predate the City’s formation.


J. Gordon and Mary Schneidler subdivided and sold over a dozen lots in a five-acre subdivision in the City between 1946 and 1948. Every deed of sale contained the following restriction: “This property shall not be resold, leased, rented, or occupied except to or by Aryan persons.” It is unclear why the Schneidlers used the term “Aryan race.” Typically, this racial idea referred to northern Europeans as opposed to Eastern and Southern Europeans. Thus, the Aryans-only restriction would have excluded Italians, Greeks, Poles, and Russians, as well as Jews and all other non-Europeans.

Clyde Hill was formed as a Town on March 31, 1953, in response to the community’s desire to restrict land use development, such as lot size and commercial zoning. The Council voted on November 10, 1998, to incorporate Clyde Hill as a non-charter Code City.

By a vote of 145 to 117, area people voted to incorporate the town in 1953. Ken Day defeated Don Clark 91 to 58 in the first Clyde Hill Mayors election. All of the Council’s inaugural members were elected through write-in votes.

F. Lee Campbell, – Robert W. Glueck, – P.A. Jacobsen, Leslie M. Rudy, and A.C. Thompson Sr. were the first elected Councilmembers.

John Woodin was appointed the first Treasurer of the Town. Priscilla Alden Townsend was appointed Police Judge, and Roger Bryan was appointed Marshall, by Ken Day.

The 1975 Mayoral election in Clyde Hill drew worldwide attention and intrigue. The election ended in a tie between the two candidates, incumbent Liberino “Lib” Tufarolo and Miles Nelson. Nelson ultimately won the fight on a coin toss, unseating the incumbent in front of national and local media. (Source: Wikipedia)