Published on June 26, 2023, Updated on June 27, 2023

Whether working from home or in an office, printers, copiers, and fax machines are among the most prevalent electronic devices. How to dispose of a printer has become a problem that affects more and more people. This is because of wear and tear from repeated usage and the steady flow of new items.

Business owners must know how to properly dispose of a printer, just like any other sort of waste. Even if you only use a printer at home, you should still take care to properly dispose of it. If you don’t, hazardous waste will accumulate in landfills.

You cannot simply toss away a printer like you would any other electronic device that needs to be disposed of. There are dangerous materials in printer ink, and several jurisdictions have passed regulations governing how to dispose of electronic trash.

Improper E-Waste Disposal Risks

Proper printer disposal is crucial for our collective well-being as well as for clearing workplace space and adhering to corporate policies.

Any improper disposal of electronic trash poses a risk to the environment. When obsolete printers are improperly disposed of, their harmful components may leach into nearby water supplies and ecosystems.

How to Care for an Old Printer Before Disposal

You might not be familiar with the correct procedures for disposal when your printers or fax machines become inoperable for whatever reason. An important step in managing possible electronic waste is requiring that corporate standards and state and federal regulations for e-waste collection be followed.

Depending on the manner of disposal, printers feature removable parts like print cartridges that may need to be taken out and/or recycled.

Ink cartridges must be taken out and recycled if at all possible before use. Cartridges left behind could make recycling e-waste more difficult or might be difficult for a recipient of a contribution to replace.

Nearly all contemporary printers come with highly adjustable software that lets the user specify options for a wide range of printing and copying tasks. Reset your old printers to their original configurations, especially before donating them. Never forget to ship the device without essential accessories like print trays and power cords.

Alternatives for Recycling

You have three basic options: selling, recycling, or donating the printer. Recycling is typically the best option for disposal if you need to get rid of your printer quickly. Recycling is a common response to the topic of how to get rid of a printer. Yet, they don’t completely understand where or how to recycle your printer.

Use a Retailer to Recycle Your Old Printer

You can dispose of printers in some of the most practical ways at the nearby electronics store. Electronic recycling programs are offered by many well-known merchants, saving both consumers and companies time and bother. Outdated electronics are accepted by retail recycling programs for their valuable components.

Sell Your Printer

When selling your printer, you have a lot of possibilities. Just consider how much money you could save by selling an old printer that is still in fine operating order.

Make a printer donation

Do any of your outdated printing devices still work? Perhaps the organization you work for is updating its office supplies, leaving you with older, fully functional units as a result. Printers can be given to charities, nonprofits, community organizations, thrift stores, schools, and recreation centers.

How to Dispose of a Printer

Negligent handling of outdated and no longer-in-use electronic equipment can result in anything from a minor annoyance to a significant hazard. You can make a plan of action now that you are aware of how to dispose of a printer. You should keep a simple plan for handling outdated printers, whether you’re an individual or a part of an organization. This will help you stay on top of trends and avoid any potential legal or financial ramifications from poor e-waste treatment.

Recycle Electronic Waste

Certain choices for printer disposal might not be practical for your particular requirements including the nearest recycling facility is simply too far away, or your outdated machines don’t meet the criteria for donation to your neighborhood nonprofit.

Whichever option you decide to use, our experts at 1 Green Planet can help guide you in the correct route so that you can get rid of your old printers and fax machines and give them a new life. Call us to schedule a pickup in the service areas we serve.