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Secure Data Destruction

The Data Destruction Process

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is gone forever. With our secure data destruction, you get:

  • Full permanent erasure of even failed and damaged hard drive
  • A Certificate of Destruction to guarantee your data’s safe destruction
  • Free onsite destruction for batches of over 200 drives

Our Process

Rest easy knowing that we ensure regulatory compliance, complete data security and process transparency during data destruction.

  • To wipe the drive, we put it through our hard drive degausser.
  • The machine uses a mechanical process to wipe the drive. Because the process doesn’t rely on software, it’s a deeper and more efficient wiping process than most computer processes.
  • If we’re also destroying the drive, it’s time for the hard drive crusher. Our hard drive crusher delivers 12,000 lbs of force in a conical punch, destroying both the inside and the outside of the drive in moments.
  • If requested, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove your data is safely disposed of.
  • We’ll process the remaining material from the drives into their components and recycle them locally.
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To provide FREE recycling to EVERYONE!

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