Published on January 19, 2019, Updated on January 12, 2022

In 2014, the two leading dish service providers in the US reported a combined base in excess of 30 million subscribers. As more and more subscribers cut ties with traditional service providers and switch to non-cable solutions, there will be an increasing number of former customers seeking to discard their satellite dishes. Satellite dishes can also easily be damaged in the event of inclement weather and other circumstances – they aren’t truly built to last. Unfortunately, satellite dishes include circuitry and electronic components that make them dangerous to simply discard with normal garbage. It’s important to know how to properly dispose of the equipment that keeps the dangerous components as well as the reusable metals and plastics out of landfills.

Why Can’t I just Throw the Dish Away?

Like all electronic waste, satellite dishes are built from materials and components that are dangerous to the environment if proper disposal methods are not followed. Circuit boards contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and other harmful substances that many states have banned from landfills.

While not dangerous, the other plastics and metals used in the construction of satellite dishes are recyclable and the opportunity to return these materials to circulation for the manufacturing of other equipment and products should not be wasted.

Service Providers Not A Reliable Solution

While satellite dish service providers have robust return policies for receivers and other related equipment, satellite dishes and cables are generally left to the customers to figure out the best method for disposal – not even cancellation of service triggers the need to return a satellite dish to service providers. The most many service providers will provide is links on their website to local recycling services. For a fee, many of these services will remove not only the dish itself, but also the cabling, mounting poles and brackets, and other exterior equipment and materials. Some of the materials might be refurbished or reused elsewhere, but not all providers provide environmentally-safe methods of disposal for this equipment.

Local Services Keeping it Green

As we become more aware of the dangers and impacts of e-waste on our landfills and environment, more companies like 1 Green Planet are leading the way in local-level recycling efforts, providing zero-landfill impact solutions for the recycling and disposal of electronic equipment to companies and individuals alike. Such operations dismantle the electronics and physical components and reuse or breakdown what can be recovered, and then physically shred the remaining materials, sorting them for reuse or safe disposal.

A Free Regional Solution

1 Green Planet provides sustainable 100% environmentally conscious electronics recycling solutions in the Pacific Northwest, offering pickup and drop-off services throughout the region for e-waste and appliances. Our services are 0% waste, 0% landfill, with no outsourcing or offshore contracting of the recycling services provided. When it’s time to dispose of your satellite dish, or any other appliance or electronics you might have, contact 1 Green Planet and do your part to keep the environment clean and protected.