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Environmental Approach

Orcas, Kids & You

Helping Organizations Help Others

1 Green Planet is dedicated to one hundred percent sustainable electronic recycling. As the use of electronics expands in our lives, authentically green recycling is essential to preventing pollution.

We are happy to announce 1 Green Planet has partnered with ORCA. From helping to save the orca whales to authentically green recycling--it will take us all to partner up in preserving life on this precious planet. You can help too by donating your end-of-life electronics and metals to be recycled.

Helping the Community

Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance

A safe earth, air and water makes all life on earth possible.

Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance is dedicated to one hundred percent return of the Southern Resident orca whales--a unique species facing imminent extinction. As the Southern residents lose their population, safe waters in their core critical habitat are essential to their survival.