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We close the gap between ethics and convenience.

Technology is accelerating at incredible speed. While this is super exciting, there’s a downside that people aren’t talking about—what happens to obsolete tech?

In the old days you just threw all your old stuff away. It can be tempting to do this with electronics, since technology can be confusing and time-consuming to dismantle and recycle... But if we want to build a better future for our children and grandchildren, we need to make a change now.

We’re here to help you embrace your commitment to protecting the environment, without costing you extra time, money, or stress.

What We Recycle
1 Green Planet Facility

Why Not Recycle

E-Waste Recycling for Everyone

The only items we charge for are those containing freon (like fridges and air conditioners)—these have a $30 processing fee. This is because we need to manually dismantle them, drain the different types of freon into special processing bins, and pay another company to safely dispose of the chemicals. It’s a lot of work!

Zero waste, zero landfills

We only accept materials we can fully recycle!

Transparency and accountability

Find out exactly what happens to your stuff after it comes to us.

Secure disposal

Government-compliant levels of data, prototype, and sensitive item destruction.

How It Works
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