Commercial Electronics pose a number of challenges to individuals and companies when it comes to disposal. Often containing a number of materials that are considered hazardous and required by law to be kept out of landfills, electronics cannot simply be tossed in the garbage. Let’s discuss some of the ways companies and individuals can legally offload electronics without damaging the environment.

Know the Relevant Regulatory Requirements

E-waste disposal is regulated at a federal and state level, but state-level regulations vary from state to state, and can be much more rigid than federal requirements. The National Center for Electronics Recycling provides resources and guidance for used electronics recycling, and has a number of resources for those who want to know more about the legal requirements in their state. Some of the most pertinent laws are the EPA requirements governing the bulk disposal of electronics.

Take the Necessary Security Precautions

Depending on the type of technology you’re looking to dispose of, it might be necessary – perhaps even legally required – that you ensure all data has been erased from the devices or that the devices are effectively destroyed according to the appropriate regulatory requirements. In the case where destruction is required, and regulations require proof of destruction, ensure you go with a recycling service that provides a certificate of destruction.

Donate or Resale

In many cases, companies cycle through technology long before devices have reached the end of their usability. If you’re looking to offload functional technology, consider donating them to charity or organizations where they can be put to use and kept out of landfills. This provides organizations in need with affordable alternatives. The other option is to put the equipment up for sale at reduced prices, with similar outcome – providing organizations in need with low-cost access to perfectly serviceable technology.

Responsible Retailers Recycle

A number of retailers offer recycling services. While every program varies as to what they will and won’t accept, they either follow the e-Stewards standard or work with recycling partners who also follow the standard. Staples and Best Buy are two of the better known who provide these services to customers. In the case of cell phones, many retailers have begun to offer refurbishing and trade-in services, allowing customers to trade in old phones for credit towards new devices. In many cases, if you cannot locate a licensed recycler near you, you might be able to reach out to the manufacturer directly and take advantage of voluntary take back programs they might have in place.

Call 1 Green Planet

You could go through all of the various steps above if you’re looking to offload commercial electronics in bulk – or you could simply contact 1 Green Planet. Your one-stop-shop for recycling electronics, the Washington-based company provides guidance on disposal as well as a 0% waste, 0% landfill, and 100% environmentally friendly solution for e-waste and appliance disposal.